United Craftsmen Children's Shoe Drive, Inc.

OUR Mission

Our Focus is on Helping Children

Our Mission is to let the children who live in Children's Homes know that the Skilled Craftsmen of the United States care about them by affording them the opportunity to pick out a new shoes, socks, and enjoy a  lunch with other children living in similar circumstances.  100% of the funds that are raised go to help the children.  Every one that helps is a volunteer who donates their time to our cause.  There are no salaries or expenses paid to anyone involved in our program.

We depend on you to help us help the children.  Most of our donations come from Contractors, Skilled Craftsmen, and Skilled Trades Organizations.  This is the foundation on which we were built and will continue to build.  The last couple of years as our organization has grown, other business people like doctors, business owners, and community members have become involved and donated to help the children.

Our major sponsors remain Skilled Craftsmen and it is thru that network that we are expanding.  Our main corporate sponsors are Reliance Worldwide Corporation, SharkBite, Cash Acme, HoldRite, Milwaukee Tools, Shoe Carnival, Chick-Fil-A and Stevie B's Pizza.  We will continue to be faithful to them as we expand as they have been to us while we struggle to grow and help more children.