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Think about what it must be like to grow up and everything that you have; clothes, shoes, bedding, toiletries, housing, and food are chosen for you.  Very little of it is new.  It is all donated from people who in most instances have already used it.  The clothes and shoes come in boxes and you pick out not necessarily what you want, but what will fit you.  Now imagine an opportunity comes along that will allow you the chance to go to a shoe store and select a brand new pair of shoes that no one else has ever owned and that you really like.  WOW!!! What an amazing opportunity!!!  A Dream come true.  A pair of shoes that YOU pick out and that YOU really want!!!

In this Dream, you also get a chance to enjoy lunch with other children who live in the same circumstances that you do.  A chance to make friends with other children that you would never meet if you didn't get to participate in this most amazing day.  These are children just like you so you don't have to be worried about being ridiculed or made fun of because you don't dress as nice as the others.  What a wonderful day that would be !!!

You can help us make that dream come true for children who live in Children's Home.  The more donations that come in, the more children we are able to help.  So please, open your heart and give generously so that more children can experience the feeling of joy of selecting and taking home a new pair of shoes.  Some children actually wrap these shoes and put them under the tree so that they can have something to open on Christmas Morning.

We are expanding and would welcome volunteers to help us explore new areas to host a Shoe Drive.  You could be the key to opening the door to a Children's Homes in your community to the Shoe Drive Opportunity.